Daniela Pais is an architect fashion designer. She had her B.A from the Fashion department of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon in 2002. In the same year she co-founded Krv Kurva together with designer Jorge Moita. Krv Kurva developed the La.ga bag a project which traveled around the world throughout exhibitions, publications and stores. The simplicity, sustainability and social concerns which lied behind Pais’ work brought her back to the academic realm where she furthered her studies in 2005 at the Masters program “Man and Humanity” at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Throughout those two years Pais developed projects where the individual well being became her main concern. In 2007 she undertook a research about the consumption of clothing which developed into a project called “Elementum” which requestions the fundamentals behind fashion and identity. Daniela Pais likes to work with structures, to give form to objects according to the material and context. She lives today between Portugal and the Netherlands where she is working on a un-going research and new ideas and productions. This is her website. Bemvindo!
photo: Tartus Syria, © daniela pais 07